Sunday, August 29, 2004

Energy Cords

3.25am, 29th August 2004

I’m rising from the ashes. Guess I feel so grateful for still being alive that I’ve started doing some of the outstanding chores. I washed and scrubbed my bathroom (my, did I sweat) and the paraphernalia. I removed the broken metal rail and unscrewed, using a small knife, the broken sharp edges from the wall. Then I cleaned the washing machine, drier etc. Good exercise, good perspiring and good to be alive and to feel that I’m functioning.

X2 checked on me as early as 6.20am this morning just to make sure that I’m ok. Then I received a missed call from an unfamiliar number and from ‘Shasha’ in mid-morning.

I did a lot of injustice the previous day, writing unfavourable remarks re Brookner’s novel. I’ve started reading another of her novel yesterday morning and it’s fabulous. I couldn’t stop reading until page 120+ and I would have said she’s Atwoodian but for the fact that I think she started writing before Atwood did. She delves into her character’s psyche most convincingly. Title : Look at Me. The one that I didn’t favour before was her latest work, it’s titled Making Things Better.

As of 2 days ago, it’s been 2 weeks since I cut off the umbilical cords, just kidding, the energy cords between X2 and me, and connected them to earth crystalline grid. He’s been well for 16 consecutive days now which has never been the case since February 2003. He was always sick, sometimes grievously sometimes mildly ... but sickly he was.

Mk called me around noon to inform about the injections availability. Though I was awake (slept 1.00pm to 8.30pm yesterday – living on EST), I was anxious not to step outdoor. Yes, I stayed in the whole of 28th. Earlier on I had a huge breakfast, which seldom happens, and was still full by then, curling up in bed reading Brookner layered with thoughts of the one I adore, my Alpha Male.


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