Thursday, August 26, 2004

Notes From A Solitary Confinement

It’s 5.00am and I can’t sleep, … can’t complain of insomnia coz it’s not. It’s my bodyclock getting confused again about which timezone I am in. Been sleeping 9.00am to 4.00pm for the past few days. Terrible me !! This is what happens when one doesn’t have to think of anything at all, when one is not answerable to anyone, when one is not responsible for anything, not even to feed some pets. I promise I will attempt to get in sync with GMT+8 soonest, otherwise there will be some self-imposed penalty.

These days I measure my productivity and activeness by :

how many movies on astro or vcd I actually ‘finished’ watching. I still haven’t bought a dvd
player, I am soooo 20th century, right? hehe

how many articles/books that I ‘finished’ reading

whether or not I step out of my apartment in any 24hr period, if yes how many times and for how long. If I spend over 2 hours outside, then I’m ‘active’

whether I speak to another human being in any 24hr period. If I utter over 4,000 words for the day, which is the average spoken by an average man, then I’m active, even though an average woman has to use up a quota of 10,000 words per day to validate her existence.

how many sms that I receive and reply for the day

Now, depending on one’s benchmarking and value system, one may pity me or one may envy me. I am definitely not part of the happenings, not part of the in-crowd but I am happy 98% of the time which I think is far above average in our fast-pace society. I have stopped questioning myself whether I should try to lead a slightly, just slightly normal life. By now, I believe that normality doesn’t exist except within the parameters of our own universes. But … I do need to alter my life a bit, lest this sedentary lifestyle is gonna prove disastrous to my outward appearances and health.


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